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University Engineering Students Present their GLOBE Instrumentation Projects Virtually

Posted on May 14, 2020 - 8:44 AM CDT

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Two groups of engineering students from University of Toledo and Boston University designed instrumentation for GLOBE protocols this past semester. The University of Toledo and Boston University Colleges of Engineering held virtual events on May 1 and May 4, 2020 respectively on their senior design projects. Both groups hope that high school students build and use these sensors.

Boston University

Design team: May Alsaleh, Andrew Schenck, Meryl Shea, Thy Vu

Faculty advisors: William Hauser, Dr. Caleb Farney

The Autonomous Weather Station is a simple design made only of commercially available parts that anyone can construct. The group performed an in-depth power analysis in order to effectively choose the solar panel and battery. A comprehensive report explains the operational theory and guides users through the assemble of the device.

University of Toledo Engineering

Design team: Daniel Astorino, Matthew Bosman, Joshua Blohm, Aaron Rieman and Christopher Weis

Faculty advisors: Glenn Lipscomb, PHD and Ezzatollah Salari, PHD

The sun photometer aims to be a low-cost and easily assembled device used by students to measure and log particulate aerosol optical thickness (AOT) in the atmosphere. This sensor can optimize the angle of capture, measure six channels of visible light, calculate AOT from light intensity, and log the data on a SD card.