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The Impact of a NASA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Visit to Grade 4 Students

Posted on February 5, 2020 - 4:39 PM CST

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Jessica Taylor, NASA scientist for Langley Research Center, visited grade 4 students in Ms. Lisa Smith at Hannah Crawford School, Crestline, OH via zoom conferencing. These grade 4 students collect data on clouds and surface temperature and submit that data to the GLOBE Program. The students composed a song about NASA and sang it to Ms. Taylor. Ms. Smith is part of the GLOBE Mission EARTH program at the University of Toledo.

Quote from Lisa Smith’s Facebook Page stating the impact the visit:

Today was one of my best days as a teacher of 33 years! My students are active members of the NASA team. We do atmosphere observations and send data to NASA. The data is then compared with satellite Aqua and Terra. As a result, we had the honor of talking with NASA Scientist, Jessica Taylor, and ask questions about her field of work and her expertise. I am so proud of my class for the dedication to a Global project and for the quality of conversation they had with her. My hope is that 25 students will literally shoot for the stars and make a difference with their life choices in the future.