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The Value of the Moon on "Houston We Have a Podcast"

Posted on October 22, 2019 - 4:01 PM CDT

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Episode 114 on "Houston We Have a Podcast", Samuel Lawrence, planetary scientist and lead lunar exploration scientist, discusses what we’ve learned about the Moon and some of the more interesting questions that we hope to answer when humans return in the Artemis program. This episode was recorded on August 28th, 2019

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“Houston We Have a Podcast” is the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center from Houston, Texas, home for NASA’s astronauts and Mission Control Center. Listen to the brightest minds of America’s space agency – astronauts, engineers, scientists and program leaders – discuss exciting topics in engineering, science and technology, sharing their personal stories and expertise on every aspect of human spaceflight. Learn more about how the work being done will help send humans forward to the Moon and on to Mars in the Artemis program.