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NASA Space Archaeology NOIs due 10/15/2019

Posted on July 16, 2019 - 3:56 PM CDT

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NASA's Science Mission Directorate is soliciting proposals for Space Archaeology in Section 2.6 of Interdisciplinary Science in Earth Science program element A.32 of the 2019 Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences "ROSES" solicitation. Substantive connection to remote sensing data is required in all proposals.

NASA Space Archaeology has the scientific objective to use the unique vantage point of space to improve understanding of past human settlement patterns and the relationships between the natural environment and cultural adaptations as functions of time and space. Major research topics solicited are:

  • To accelerate archaeological discovery and understanding through access to and analysis of remotely-sensed data obtained from space borne and airborne platforms;
  • To facilitate the infusion of technological expertise and capacity in remote sensing into archaeological research by fostering multidisciplinary collaborative relationships;
  • Regional landscape analysis and modeling relating historic and prehistoric human settlement patterns and subsistence strategies to environmental factors derived from remote sensing.

Additional topics from previous program elements are of additional interest:

  • Identification and exploration of the extent and nature of past human settlement patterns;
  • Protection and preservation of cultural heritage sites and/or planning for the sustainable development of cultural resources.

Key Due Dates

Notices of Intent (NOI) to propose 10/15/2019

Proposals 11/15/2019. 

For more information see Section 2.6 on page 11 of A.32 Interdisciplinary Science in Earth Science (.PDF)