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Chief Learning Officer Job Announcement - McGraw Hill Education

Posted on January 23, 2019 - 10:29 AM CST

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A colleague at McGraw Hill asked for help in getting this job announcement out for a Chief Learning Officer. The position is in New York City and the requirements are below.  Please share - thanks, Theresa

If interested, see

Chief Learing Officer, McGraw Hill Education

The Chief Learning Officer will lead the applied research, iterative design, efficacy, and early validation of next generation learning experiences to promote learner outcomes and system effectiveness. The Chief Learning Officer must possess deep expertise in designing educational products that drive learner outcomes across grade levels using a variety of implementation models and adhering to a variety of disciplinary, quality, and state/federal standards.

Your contribution to the team includes:

• Lead product research efforts and MHSE’s instructional point of view to the market

• Manage Applied Learning Science, Professional Development and Academic Integrity teams

• Lead the development of research syntheses, efficacy and product design rationale

• Conducting and overseeing both agile and sophisticated learner research to substantiate learning theories

• Use learning sciences research to support product evaluation, implementation, and marketing

• Building collective consciousness and organizational capacity around the learning sciences, provide thought leadership

• Engage with customers and sales teams

 What you’ll need to be successful:

 • Doctorate in Research, Learning Experience, Instructional Design, Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, or related field

• Minimum of ten years leading the research-based design of technology, software, or digital learning products

• Fluency in learning theories, design-based research, formative evaluation methods, and third-party validation techniques

• Strong understanding of how learning sciences literature affects learning architecture, learner experience design, and learner outcomes

• Experience serving as a learning science expert, preparing and delivering presentations, trainings, and panel discussions to a variety of audiences

• Expertise collaborating with subject matter experts, product management, UI designers, and engineers to apply learning sciences research to product design and development

• Conduct a strategic needs analyses across the product portfolio to identify critical product improvements based on learning sciences research

• Lead the formulation of a defensible set of frameworks, research syntheses, design principles, and white papers addressing aspects of the learning sciences and their application to digital learning products

• Design learning sciences briefs for each product category that articulate the instructional model, assessment strategy, approach to personalization, and learner self-efficacy strategies

• Build organizational capacity to implement research-based design recommendations through a comprehensive training and communications program