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NASA Langley & GLOBE Mission Earth Summer Teacher Internship Experience 2018

Posted on September 19, 2018 - 3:18 PM CDT

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The NASA Langley GLOBE Teacher Summer Internship was a 10 week on-site experience that included interactions with NASA scientists, engineers, and educators; virtual SME connections; daily GLOBE data collection; GLOBE workshops; and the development of a GLOBE implementation plan for their classroom. During the experience the interns assisted the NASA Langley with a variety of education & outreach events. Throughout the internship the central theme focused on the process of developing authentic GLOBE learning experiences within both formal and informal educational settings for diverse student audiences.

Participating Teachers and Volunteers

•Sara Clemmer- Middle School Science Teacher/Virginia Beach, VA (Project: Clouds and Surface Temperature)

•Jessica Hathaway-First Year Elementary Science & Mathematics Teacher/Elizabeth City, NC (Project: Resources for Incorporating STEM Careers Connections with Underserved Audiences)

•Wanda Hathaway- Middle School GLOBE Teacher/Elizabeth City, NC (Project: Incorporating STEM Equity through GLOBE)

•Laura Kubiak-GLOBE Mission Earth High School Teacher/Toledo, Ohio (Project: Looking at GLOBE from an Earth as a System Perspective)

•Veshell Lewis- Doctoral Student at University of Southern Mississippi (Project: Alignment of Elementary GLOBE with Mississippi State Standards)

SME Connections

Dr. Kevin Czajkowski – University of Toledo

Dr. Sherry Herron – University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Janelle Johnson – Metropolitan State University of Denver

Dr. Margaret Pippin – NASA Langley