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GLOBE Midwest Student Research Symposium

Updated on May 31, 2018 - 9:10 PM CDT
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The Midwest U.S. GLOBE Student Research Symposium took place on May 18-19, 2018 hosted by the AREN Project, at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, MI. 52 Students,9 GLOBE teachers representing two GLOBE Partners from MI and OH, attended.  The students presented a total of 31 GLOBE research projects in a poster presentation session. Student projects were reviewed both by their peers and by local scientists. 

GLOBE GIO Director Tony Murphy, and GLOBE Mission EARTH Partners Kevin Czajkowski, Sara Mierzwiak, and Janet Struble from the University of Toledo, AREN Project Partners David Bydlowski and Andy Henry from Wayne RESA and Brian Campbell and John Haynes from NASA, assisted in making the event a success. 

On Friday, Dr. Anil Aranha, academic associate director in the School of Medicine’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, welcomed all to the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Herbert Smitherman, vice dean of Diversity and Community Affairs, provided information about the school. He encouraged students to apply to the medical school because only 16% of US students are interested in the medical field. Both created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the symposium.  John Haynes, NASA’s Program Manager in Health and Air Quality Applications, provided a presentation entitled Earth Observations Applied to a Changing World: NASA Health and Air Quality Applications. Students and teachers were then  taken to the Detroit Institute of Arts to explore the numerous exhibitions.

Saturday morning kicked off with several welcomes from the following: David Bydlowski, AREN Project from Wayne RESA; Dr. Anil Aranha, academic associate director in the School of Medicine’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion; Dr. Tony Murphy, GLOBE director; Haley Wicklein from GLOBE; Brian Campbell from NASA; Lisa Perez from the US Forest Service; and Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, GLOBE scientist for the University of Toledo. Professionals and students reviewed the posters in two sessions: 10:00-11:00 am and 11:00 am-12:00 pm. Reviewers were composed of NASA and professional scientists and science educators.  Each reviewer spent a minimum of 20 minutes with each project.  Each team spoke to at least two reviewers.  

After lunch, groups of students rotated through four workshop sessions. In “Kites and the AREN Project”, David Bydlowski and Andy Henry from the AREN Project helped students build and decorate frustrationless flyer kites. In “Medical/Health Careers in Medical Schools,” Joseph Weertz explained the process and courses the students would take in medical school. In “NASA Earth Science, GLOBE and Citizen Science,” Brian Campbell connected NASA Satellites missions to the data students submit to the GLOBE Program. In “US Forest Service and Citizen Science,” Lisa Perez from the US Forest Service explained where the service is housed in the US government and what is its responsibilities.

Students returned to the auditorium for an award ceremony at 3:30 pm. Before the Award ceremony, a group photo was taken with Dr. Tony Murphy, director of GLOBE.   Nine posters were given recognition. Posters recognized featured:

Use of GLOBE Data and Collaboration; Research Methods; Engineering Solution; Community Impact; Community Innovation/Engagement; Use of GLOBE Data; Connection to STEM Professional; Peer Choice Award


The goal of AREN (NNX16AB95A) is to train the next generation of scientists, engineers and other professionals to observe and understand our planet Earth through experiential learning using NASA technology and data in real-world settings.

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