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The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Education and Communications Community consists of individuals who develop and implement education and public outreach activities using SMD’s content, expertise, and facilities. The community includes SMD and science division leadership, coordinating Forum teams, mission Education and Communications teams, those involved in programs such as the NASA Astrobiology Institute and GLOBE, and grantees funded by SMD to conduct education and communications activities.

Sanlyn Buxner
Planetary Science Institute
Whitney Cobb
McREL International
303-632-5572 (work) 303-875-7605 (cell)
Brian Day
NASA Ames Research Center

Alyssa Gilbert
The University of Western Ontario
Jennifer Grier
Planetary Science Institute

Pamela Harman
SETI Institute

Jane Houston Jones
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Emily Law
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Emma Marcucci
Space Telescope Science Institute

Lou Mayo
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
301 641-8206
Shannon McConnell
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Bonnie Meinke
Space Telescope Science Institute

earthscience member
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Moses Milazzo
United States Geological Survey

Rosemary Millham
SUNY New Paltz
nick schneider
University of Colorado - Boulder Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Christine Shupla
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Dave Williams
Arizona State University

O: 480-965-7045