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The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Education and Communications Community consists of individuals who develop and implement education and public outreach activities using SMD’s content, expertise, and facilities. The community includes SMD and science division leadership, coordinating Forum teams, mission Education and Communications teams, those involved in programs such as the NASA Astrobiology Institute and GLOBE, and grantees funded by SMD to conduct education and communications activities.

Andrea Angrum
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Brian Campbell
Global Science and Technology Inc.

Valerie Casasanto
UMBC Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology/NASA GSFC

Whitney Cobb
McREL International
303-632-5572 (work) 303-875-7605 (cell)
Yaireska (Yari) Collado-Vega
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Kevin Durham
240.416.6084 Cell
Leslie Garrison
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jessica Harris
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Dorian Janney
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Andrea Jones
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dean Kern
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Kimberly Land
NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder Program
Shannon McConnell
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Carolyn Ng
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Patricia Reiff
Rice University

John Ristvey
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Wendy Van Norden
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Alice Wessen
Jet Propulsion Laboratory