Space Weather Living History

Project Name:
Space Weather Living History

Project Description:
The Space Weather Living History project will capture, document and preserve the living history of space weather, and to inspire the next generation of scientists. We will interview pioneers in space weather research and leaders in intern/national efforts to advance the studies of heliophysics. The leadership and involvement of NASA will be highlighted. Using multi-media platforms including iPad, we will make available an interactive timeline that includes: 

1) Supporting podcasts (interviews and content),

2) Activities and resources for middle schools and above, and 

3) NASA Career Path resources. 

Lead Institution:
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.


  • NASA
  • NOAA
  • ESA
  • AIP

Effectiveness and Impact:
Evaluation findings and impact statements:
Prototypes of the Timeline were shown to three focus groups (18, 25 and 18 participants).
• 100% said they would use the Timeline to create their own and have students make them.
• More than 75% like the two levels of individual entries.
• Many provided concrete examples of how they would use the products.

Summative evaluation will be available next year.