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North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences' annual Astronomy Days will be virtual this year, with seven days of astronomical programming! Join NCMNS, the Raleigh Astronomy Club, and NASA Langley Research Center to discover the big picture of the universe. There's something for space enthusiasts of all ages! Visit the official event website for full details, including all programs and member benefits:

There will be three presentations using

Students presented their research at the GLOBE Midwest Student Research Symposium at the University of Northern Iowa.


Please join us for the next webinar from the 2018-2019 Lecture Series in Climate Change – Our Warming Planet: Topics in Climate Dynamics

Date: Tuesday February 19th 2019

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

• Projections of Future Drought by Jennifer Aminzade

• Lightning and Climate Change by Colin Price

Webinar Registration Link:


Program Description: The NASA Climate Change Research Initiative – CCRI is a year long STEM engagement opportunity for STEM educators to work directly with NASA scientists, lead research teams and develop STEM curriculum for their current classes. Educators participating in this opportunity will become associate researchers at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and STEM education experts whom will integrate NASA education resources and content into their classroom while...


STEM Educator & Associate Researcher: New Horizons in Space Additive Manufacturing and STEM Education

Dates of Program: 7/2/2018 - 8/10/2018
Stipend Amount: $4,500 
Application Deadline: 5/25/2018

The New York City College of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology offers an Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) as well as a baccalaureate degree. Both degree programs are hands-on with engineering applications in areas such as CAD, CAM, Materials...

The National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH is guiding accessibility implementation in WGBH’s Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms project. Team member Madeleine Rothberg will be presenting on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017, 5:00 pm EST, at the OZeWAI (Australian Web Adaptability Initiative) Conference in Canberra, Australia, where she will join a panel that includes Microsoft, ABC, and Blackboard. Madeleine will discuss the decisions, trade-offs, and innovations that impact the...

2017 Fiske Planetarium Annual Report


[NSTA Earth Science]

I hope everyone is having a restful and renewing summer!

Short Version:
IRIS is seeking Earth Science educators to participate in a focus group to inform the design of a new data access tool we are developing. If you use the Determining Earth’s Interior Structure activity ( we would love to invite you to participate in a short focus group to discuss a new data access...

Please find included the Quad Chart for the AREN Project -- March, 2017


Manages research elements within the Heliophysics Research Program. Develops solicitations and evaluates research proposals. Initiates and monitors research contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements. Integrates and coordinates the efforts of agency personnel with those of U.S. and international scientists and technologists, university personnel, industry contacts, or contractors in research, development, and physical science. Provides advice on measurement and instrumentation related to...

Here is a fascinating project: Voices of Humanity (VoH) - giving a voice to all of humanity in space exploration. Professor Philip Lubin at UC Santa Barbara and some of his students are working on a public engagement and educational outreach program by placing the essence of  humanity, in the form of documents, poetry, pictures, movies, music, tweets,  digital DNA and other data, into every spacecraft and eventually to the stars. Their group was funded by NASA NIAC program with a Phase I...

 During Women’s History Month 2012, the NASA science education and public outreach Astrophysics forum collaborated with the American Library Association to launch the Astro4Girls initiative.  The mission of Astro4Girls is to partner NASA science educators with libraries to engage girls and their families in astronomy.  Nine libraries from across the United States hosted Astro4Girls events in 2012. Astro4Girls in 2012

  In 2013, the initiative, now called NASA Science4Girls and Their...

Explore the exciting events happening in 2013!

There are 4 different science topics for NASA Science4Girls: Astrophysics, Earth Science, Heliophysics, and Planetary Science. The events below are classified according to these areas.


Dates of Events: March 18-19
Library: Cottage Grove Public Library
City/State: Cottage Grove, OR
NASA Partner: Fermi Mission, Teena Della, Astrophysics Educator Ambassador
Description: Black hole workshops at the library and...

The NASA Science Education and Public Outreach Forums support the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) and its education and public outreach (E/PO) programs.  The Forums foster collaboration between E/PO teams and between sciencetists with content expertise and educators with pedagogy expertise.  These posters present opportunities for the astronomy community to leverage Forum resources and participate in collaborations to engage multiple audiences, including: K-12 Formal Education,...

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A Framework for K-12 Computer Science Education


The first review period launches today, Feb 3, with a webinar (link) at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT.

The first review period for the K-12 Computer Science (CS) framework - developed by, the Computer Science Teachers Association, and the Association for Computing Machinery, along with more than 100 advisors within the computing community - begins February 3 with the release of the high school (grades 9-12) layer of concepts and...

Achieve and the Teaching Channel

Release New Videos

Demonstrating EQuIP for Science

Four new videos highlighting the Educators Evaluating Quality in Instructional Products (EQuIP) for Science rubric are now available online.  Developed through a collaboration between Achieve and the Teaching Channel, the video series uses rich conversations emerging from a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) EQuIP training session to illustrate some important features of NGSS-aligned...

NGSS EQuIP Professional Learning Facilitator’s Guide

The NGSS EQuIP Professional Learning Facilitator’s Guide is a series of 10 modules that were designed to provide guidance on building the capacity of educators and education leaders to use the EQuIP Rubric for Science. Completing this professional learning will provide science educators and education leaders with the processes and procedures necessary to use the EQuIP Rubric to review science lessons and units, to provide effective...

Please find attached, notes from the NASA SMD Communications AGU Meeting. Notes from the Division Breakouts may be available from a community member in the particular divisoin.


Attached are the notes and PowerPoint from the November 12, 2015 Planetary Science E/PO Community Tag-Up.

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Attached are the notes and PowerPoint from the October 8, 2015 Planetary Science E/PO Community Tag-Up.

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Attached are the notes and PowerPoint from the September 10, 2015 Planetary Science E/PO Community Tag-Up.

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Attached are the notes and PowerPoint from the August 13, 2015 Planetary Science E/PO Community Tag-Up.

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Attached are the notes and PowerPoint from the July 9, 2015 Planetary Science E/PO Community Tag-Up.

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Attached are the notes and PowerPoint from the June 11, 2015 Planetary Science E/PO Community Tag-Up.

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