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In the spring of 2018, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Public Engagement Team from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center transferred content for the International Observe the Moon Night website from observethemoonnight.orgto, managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Planetary Communications team. This partnership proved very successful. Web developers at MooreBoeckand web managers at JPL provided expertise on user experience design while the LRO Public Engagement team...


Presentations, research, and other information about engaging diverse audiences in general.

For discussions about engaging diverse audiences in general, please visit the discussion board: /post/3763.

Please note that there are additional professional development resources and discussion boards for engaging specific audiences, including Hispanic and Latino, African American, Native American, and girls.

Reflections on Engaging Diverse Audiences
Helio-Planetary Retreat 2012

NASA EPO Colleagues,

Attached is the Know Your Earth Quiz Collection 2014 poster I presented as part of the 2014 Earth Science Community Retreat Shareathon Session on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.





Earth Forum Retreat Airport Ride Share,

I wanted to see if there was anyone interested in sharing a ride to and from BWI airport for this year's retreat. Anyone interested should reply here and get in touch directly with folks looking for rides. I am likely not the only one so feel free to post your need for a ride or your ability to offer a ride here.

I arrive into BWI at 2:30 PM Monday, June 2nd

Depart BWI 3:10 PM Thursday, June 5th

Thanks, Brad

Misconceptions: Session I
Helio-Planetary Retreat 2012
Presenter Bios
Dr. Ed Prather examined the process by which people construct knowledge by using prior and common experiences and sometimes, in the process, get things wrong. Ed rigorously researches formative assessment tools to reveal naïve reasoning, and he shared these tools with participants. A PDF of his PowerPoint can be viewed here.

Misconceptions: Session II
Helio-Planetary Retreat 2012
Presenter Bios

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