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As an IOMN partner, Girl Scouts of the USA invited girls from local council astronomy clubs to submit a photo of the Moon and short video to encourage girls to participate in the International Observe the Moon Night on September 26th.


Brian Campbell and Dorian Janney took part in the 2020 COSI Virtual Science festival, May 6 – 9, 2020, through Facebook Live and Video Premiere events. The festival was, “A Community Celebration of Science,” a four-day community festival that engaged learners of all ages – bringing science to people where they live, work, and lounge – to inspire curiosity and further exploration. Brian’s and Dorian’s features included NASA and GLOBE Program information and  have reached thousands of...


Brian Campbell will highlight the NASA Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) and it’s the use of lasers to measure the height of Earth’s objects, like ice and trees.

Join the live event at:

This Nugget describes how Solar System Ambassadors are modifying their engagement methods in order to continue serving their audiences in this time of COVID-19 social distancing.


Throughout the month of July, NASA Goddard’s Solar System Exploration Division contributed to the overall social media initiative for the #Apollo50th anniversary, focusing on sharing lunar science through the NASA Moon, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and NASA Solar System social media accounts.


Attached is a nugget about Radio JOVE's Historic Marker Project that is featured in local video.





NASA centers across the country are opening their doors Monday, Feb. 12, to media and social media for “State of NASA” events, including a speech from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot, and unique opportunities for a behind-the-scenes look at the agency’s work. These events follow President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget proposal delivery to the U.S. Congress.  . . Lightfoot will provide a “State of NASA” address to the agency’s workforce at 1 p.m. EST from Marshall Space Flight...

January began and ended with two spectacular lunar events. The largest ‘supermoon’ of the year welcomed us into 2018 then the month ended with the Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31st. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) communications team at GSFC conducted two successful social media campaigns to coincide with these lunar events in order to promote lunar science and exploration. 


Dearborn Heights teen spent summer interning with NASA program


Keeping track: Crestwood students monitor environment during eclipse project


CBEC partners with NASA to offer STEM program

GRASONVILLE — The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, in a cooperative agreement with NASA, added a cutting-edge STEM educational program to its educational endeavors. This program is designed for middle and high school students.

The program comprises environmental sampling techniques using NASA-approved equipment and associated technology. Students will learn...

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

AMA Reddit with Rob Rothfarb and Nicole Minor from the Exploratorium

Friday August 4th, 1pm-6pm PDT


Meet Our Directors

The Exploratorium has travelled all over the world to chase Total Solar Eclipses since 1998!  For almost two decades, we've presented live stream coverage from the path of totality to audiences world-wide. Our directors will answer YOUR questions LIVE.




The Exploratorium has a new video up, called "Observing the Sun", which gives a quick overview of how humans have observed the sun over time.  We are really happy to be able to offer this video in both English and Spanish, and you can find them here on our website:



and here on our YouTube channel:



Overview Video of the 2017 Eclipse from the Exploratorium

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States. The glorious sight of the fully eclipsed Sun will be visible along a 70-mile-wide path arching from Oregon to South Carolina. Millions of people are expected to travel to this “path of totality” to watch as the moon entirely covers the face of the Sun.

People not in the path will experience a partial eclipse. For...

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Please check out this video to learn about how the Exploratorium will make music from a Total Solar Eclipse. You can view on our YouTube channel, link here:

On August 21st, 2017, Wayne Grim, a Bay Area composer and Staff Sound Artist at the Exploratorium, will be producing a real-time sonification of the eclipse that will be streamed by the Exploratorium as part of a composition for the renowned musical group Kronos Quartet. This auditory...

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Total Solar Eclipse App

For Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Explore Total Solar Eclipse, our first mobile app that incorporates live webcasting. This free app gives you access to our live video streams of the total solar eclipse occurring on August 21, 2017, which will cross from the west to east coasts of the United States.   Tune in to five simultaneous video streams, all from your smart phone or tablet: 1) Live coverage hosted by Exploratorium educators and...

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March 9th, 2017

NASA LaRC led a Facebook Live event on the NASA Earth account, featuring the GLOBE Observer app and recent app updates.

Viewers joined education outreach coordinator Sarah McCrea and research scientist Bryan Fabbri to learn how to share their cloud observations with NASA and the GLOBE Program, as well as how to compare their ground observations to corresponding satellite data.  Viewers also got a sneak peak of some of the instruments NASA uses to observe the atmosphere...


A new NASA eClips video, titled “Launchpad: Engineering Design to Support Scientific Discovery” was released March 7th and made available on the NASA eClips websites:

  • YouTube:

Engineering design and technology development support scientific discovery. In this video, high school students will learn about the roles engineers and...


Yesterday WGBH Director of STEM Education, Rachel Connolly hosted a Facebook Live event with Dr. Alex Young to discuss the solar eclipse and talk about the year ahead. The link to the live event is:


Amazon Jumps into Digital Ed Resource Business
Amazon has expanded its footing in the education arena with a new service that allows teachers to search for, curate, share, review and access digital resources for use in the classroom.

This service was announced at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Denver. It's in the testing stage now. The US...


NASA and the Energy Department are teaming up on Wednesday, March 5, 2014  at 1pm EST to host a Google+ Hangout, showcasing women in STEM at NASA and Energy that are changing the world and addressing the serious shortage of women and girls engaged in STEM fields in the United States, and showcasing strong role models for students of all genders.

Dr. Katie Gallagher, from NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist will moderate a conversation for students, teachers, parents, and STEM...

On September 19, 2015 the world will join together in an annual celebration of lunar and planetary science and exploration: International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN).

We invite you to be a part of it!

You celebrate InOMN by hosting or participating in an InOMN event.

Check out the map of registered events on If no one is hosting an InOMN event near you, you can host your own! Invite your patrons, friends, family, or neighbors to look at and learn about...

The first close-up image of Pluto will be released on July 15. What will the world think the first time we see this image? What will you think? We want to know! Simply tweet the first thought(s) that comes to your mind when you see this first, historic image of Pluto.

When you do tweet your first thought(s), use the hashtag #PlutoRXN. Be a part of history and let your thoughts on this exciting event be known for generations to come!

Join CosmoQuest and the LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (CLSE) the first Tuesday of the month as we chat with folks working with NASA SSERVI (Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute)! Our first Hangout was June 2 with Brian Day at SSERVI Headquarters; you can view the recording at

Our next Hangout will be July 7th at 7:30pm CT with guest Dr. David Kring, PI for the LPI-JSC SSERVI team, the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration....

This Earth Day, April 22, NASA is asking people around the world to share pictures and videos on social media that show there is no place like home -- planet Earth. NASA's Earth Day #NoPlaceLikeHome project seeks to get the public involved in highlighting the great diversity of the places, landscapes and ecosystems of our home planet. Participants are invited to post photos and videos that answer a simple question: What is your favorite place on Earth? Images can be shared using the hashtag...