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Audience: Early Childhood

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A cooperative agreement led by The Astronomical League, to bring the Sky Puppies Observing Program to adults and children. The Sky Puppy Observing Program provides a way for adults to share with youth the wonders of the Universe and to introduce them to the basic information about astronomy and the solar system.



Please join us for the next webinar from the 2018-2019 Lecture Series in Climate Change – Our Warming Planet: Topics in Climate Dynamics

Date: Tuesday February 19th 2019

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

• Projections of Future Drought by Jennifer Aminzade

• Lightning and Climate Change by Colin Price

Webinar Registration Link:


Tuesday, February 19, 2019 @ 2:00pm EST (7:00pm UTC): Resources for Trees Research and Guiding Investigative Questions. During this webinar, Forest Research and Professor, Peder Nelson and Campaign Lead, Brian Campbell will introduce some campaign guiding investigative questions that will provide students with questions to answer while collecting and analyzing their GLOBE protocol data.  Also, several major resources, to assist students in extending their data analysis, will be presented,...


Tuesday, March 19, 2019 @ 9:00am EDT (1:00pm UTC): Our Connection to the Land: Trees and Forests Through the Eyes of the Salish Tribe of Montana. Oscar Garza and his team will show how GLOBE protocols and citizen science have the potential to help efforts of many communities around the world in their task on language, culture and landscape revitalization and preservation in a dual-learning environment. Many indigenous cultures around the world posses a different perspective about forestry...

Monday, December 3, 2018 @ 8:00pm EST (1:00am UTC Tuesday, December 4, 2018): Getting Tree Science Done: Live from Shumate Middle School in Gibraltar, Michigan. Join GLOBE Teacher, Jeff Bouwman, and his students Lily, Brady, and Thomas, as they discuss just how doing GLOBE Tree Science at Shumate Middle School is helping them understand their local environment. Through measuring tree height, identifying tree species, and taking local baseline protocol measurements, the students play a vital...


Tuesday, January 15, 2019 @ 2:00pm EST (7:00pm UTC): Investigation of Park Mlaka: Live from Croatia. Current and former students, of Marina Pavlic, from the Prirodoslovna i grafička škola in Croatia will be discussing their investigation of Park Mlaka in Mlaka County, Croatia. Students developed an overarching hypothesis of, "The trees in Park Mlaka produce enough oxygen for the inhabitants of the entire Mlaka County." The initial research took place from 2016-2017 with students that are...


During this webinar, Peder Nelson will introduce and detail the Collect Earth online tool. Collect Earth is designed so that users can analyze high and very high-resolution satellite imagery for different purposes, including: land cover, land use, and forest mapping. Peder will also discuss why we need ground-based photos, including clouds and land cover, via the GLOBE Observer Citizen Science App. A Collect Earth connection to wildlife, ie. mosquitoes will also be highlighted. Prior to the...


On July 11-12, 2017, the NASA eClips team facilitated outreach at four branches of Hampton City Public Libraries. Hands-on activities focusing on the upcoming total solar eclipse were facilitated with over 350 students. A Hampton University intern, and students from local high school honor societies and the Virginia Governor's School summer program volunteered during the events. Families were encouraged to view the NASA eClips™ videos Launchpad: Solar Eclipse and Our World: The Sun a Real...


Total Solar Eclipse App

For Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Explore Total Solar Eclipse, our first mobile app that incorporates live webcasting. This free app gives you access to our live video streams of the total solar eclipse occurring on August 21, 2017, which will cross from the west to east coasts of the United States.   Tune in to five simultaneous video streams, all from your smart phone or tablet: 1) Live coverage hosted by Exploratorium educators...

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On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the National Institute of Aerospace’s NASA eClips™ team exhibited at the Hampton Roads Mini Maker Faire, a flagship event for the NASA Langley Centennial. The booth promoted three activities as part of a newly developed “NASA eClips™ Guidelite” lesson on solar images, the Sun’s corona, and the 2017 total solar eclipse. Over 3,000 people attended the Hampton Roads Mini Maker Faire, while roughly 500 parents and children participated in creating solar images and...


Educators from the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) participated in the 3rd Annual STEM Symposium held at the Hampton Performing and Creative Arts Center in Hampton, VA on Saturday, April 22, 2017. More than 80 students and many of their families attended the event, sponsored by Time Out 4U, a local nonprofit youth engineering program committed to increasing underrepresented youth’s interest in STEM education and careers. 

The NIA educators facilitated two hands-on workshops and a...


Space Racers launches this Saturday at 12:00 pm EST. 


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Forty-five teachers at Marshall Early Learning Center actively participated in an Elementary GLOBE training workshop on Friday, August 26, 2016.  Elementary GLOBE is based in a series of science-based storybooks designed to introduce students to key concepts in water, soil, clouds, seasons, aerosols, and Earth system studies.  The teachers each selected a character in the storybook and acted out the Earth System play.  Each character – water, air, sun, earth, living things - believes they...

Shared at the request of another Federal Agency:

Dear Colleagues,

We would appreciate your help in distributing the Chapin Hall RFP announcement below to your evaluation and research partners in state and local governments, academia, and other organizations. This is an opportunity to conduct policy-relevant evaluation and programmatic research using the Census Bureau's expanding linkage infrastructure. We hope to solicit high-impact proposals that inform policies and interventions.


Space & Science Festival Teacher Professional Development 
Saturday, July 16

Join the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum's Education Department, education colleagues, keynote speaker Niki Werkheiser and participating organizations such as NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Office of Education, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA’s BEST Program, PicoTurbine STEM Education, IEEE History Center – REACH (Raising Engineering Awareness through the Conduit of History), and...

Amazon Jumps into Digital Ed Resource Business
Amazon has expanded its footing in the education arena with a new service that allows teachers to search for, curate, share, review and access digital resources for use in the classroom.

This service was announced at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Denver. It's in the testing stage now. The US...

ED Review is a free product of the U.S. Department of Education (ED) Office of Communications and Outreach, State and Local Engagement.

About ED Review This twice-a-month newsletter provides updates on ED’s activities relevant to intergovernmental, corporate and other stake holders. ED Review also contains hypertext links to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations.  These links are provided for the user’s convenience.  The U.S. Department of Education...

Posted on behal of Patti Curtis Director, Washington Office/ Museum of Science, Boston National Center for Technological Literacy

We are honored to be invited and to participate in the first ever White House Symposium on Early STEM Learning.

We were selected due to our commitment to create PreK-K engineering curricula building on our Engineering is Elementary curricula series.  We are seeking  early childhood experts willing to review materials and provide feedback, as well as sites...

Join us on Thursday, March 3, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm Eastern time to learn about the water cycle and the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission. Register today!

What is water? Where did Earth’s water come from? Water cycle basics, water management, freshwater versus salt water usage to meet our needs, freshwater availability, how does NASA help us better understand the water cycle are topics that will presented at this seminar.

The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) is an...

Join us on Thursday, March 3, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm Eastern time to learn about the water cycle and the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission. Register today!

What is water? Where did Earth’s water come from? Water cycle basics, water management, freshwater versus salt water usage to meet our needs, freshwater availability, how does NASA help us better understand the water cycle are topics that will presented at this seminar.

The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) is an...

The GLOBE Program will be awarding three Distinguished Educator Fellowships to both formal and informal educators in 2016. Attend this hour long webinar hosted by Mr. John Moore, 2015 GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellow, and Dr. Julie Malmberg, GLOBE Implementation Office Education and Outreach, to learn more about the 2016 fellowship. To learn more about the webinar and to register, please go here:

The GLOBE Program is inviting educators, both formal and informal, to apply for the 2016 GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellowship. Educators will work with scientists to develop GLOBE educational materials. There will be three fellowships awarded in 2016: one for the United States and two for GLOBE countries other than the US.

Interested educators and scientists are invited to attend a webinar on 12 November 2015 at 20:00 UTC (3:00 p.m. EST).  For more information on the fellowship and the...

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On December 2-3, 2014, the Space Studies Board and the Board on Science Education of the National Research Council held a workshop on the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) education program - "Sharing the Adventure with the Student." The workshop brought together representatives of the space science and science education communities to discuss maximizing the...

Heliophysics Education Nugget for March 10, 2015

Contact: Lindsay Bartolone -

Informal Heliophysics Educator Ambassador (IHEA) Workshop (post-workshop report)

This workshop was held Feb 8-13, 2015 in Chicago, IL, and brought nineteen informal educators* from around the country to practice using NASA educational resources. Additionally, each participant commits  – upon their return home – to leading two workshops for classroom teachers, mentoring another...