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Under the mentorship of Dr. Allegra LeGrande, Nicole Dulaney, CCRI Educator and science teacher at Bethpage High School, developed the CCRI Unit Plan for students in grades 9-12 entitled “Changes in Climate and Wildfires”, which has successfully passed NASA SMD Independent Product Review.


Throughout this unit; students in grades 9-12 will investigate how climate plays a role in increasing the risk of wildfires around the world. The unit is centered around the following anchor phenomenon: The amount and intensity of wildfires has been increasing. Although wildfires can be started by both human and natural causes, changes


Thank you for bringing this citizen science opportunity, 2021 Community Trees Challenge: Science is Better Together, to your community and networks. The challenge begins April 15 and ends on May 15!

Following is an email/newsletter announcement for you to easily send out to your networks. You can learn more about the challenge from our website. Thanks for helping us bring together communities all over the world in the name of citizen science.


Theresa Schwerin


Celebrate trees by joining the GLOBE citizen science community in the 2021 Community Trees Challenge, where Science is Better Together!

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