Shari Asplund

Shari Asplund
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Shari Asplund is the Education and Communications Manager for NASA’s Discovery Program of solar system exploration missions.  Working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she joined the innovative program when it was created in 1999, working to connect students, teachers, and the public with these exciting space investigations through a variety of means, including websites, newsletters, social media, educator workshops, student activities and public events. She works with educators to develop engaging STEM resources for both classroom and out-of-school time programs, emphasizing adding the arts to STEM. She played a key role in developing two creative, successful STEAM programs, “Space School Musical” and “Art & the Cosmic Connection,” both available as free downloads at

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Primary Forum:Planetary Science
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Discovery and New Frontiers Programs Education and Communication

"Space School Musical"

"Art & the Cosmic Connection"