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Janice Lee
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J.C. Lee began her career in STEM education and policy, with special focus on serving disadvantaged and under-represented student populations.  She subsequently pursued academic research in astronomy.

J.C. Lee graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Mathematics (1995) and a MA in Teaching (1996), and then obtained a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Arizona (2006).  Her postdoctoral research on star formation employed observations with both telescopes on the ground and in space (Hubble, Spitzer, GALEX), and was supported by Hubble and Carnegie postdoctoral fellowships.  In 2011, she became a member of the science staff at the Space Telescope Science Institute, where she continued her research and supported the scientific community through her work to enable early science with the James Webb Space Telescope.  She has recently joined the scientific staff at Caltech/IPAC, where she is deputy lead for communications and education.

J.C. Lee has published over 70 papers on star formation in refereed journals, and has been an editor of 3 books.  She engages in a full range of service to the broader astronomical research community, with participation in national and international committees and review panels.  Her service in the past two years includes leadership on 9 scientific conference organizing committees, as well as membership on 2 NASA users committees and as an external reviewer on 3 PhD committees.