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Deadline for AGU awards - March 15. Don't forget Athelstan Spilhaus Award!

Posted on February 27, 2017 - 3:27 PM CST

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Don't forget - the deadline for AGU Union Honors is March 15.  Please consider nominating an outstanding colleague for the Athelstan Spilhaus award for lifetime achievement in outreach.  SPA has been fortunate in getting a number of winners and excellent nominees.  Please nominate so we can recognize the many worthy candidates we have in this field.  Note the awardee must be an AGU member, but the nominator and those who write seconding letters need not be! 

Here is the basis for the award:

"For enhancement of the public engagement with Earth and space sciences, through devoting portions of their career conveying to the general public the excitement, significance, and beauty of the Earth and space sciences."

For more information and to nominate, go to:


Also, the Falkenberg award recognizes a young earth scientist:

In recognition of an early to mid-career researcher or data scientist who through creative and influential use of Earth science data and information has contributed to the quality of life, economic opportunities, and stewardship of the planet, and to the public awareness of the importance of understanding our planet.