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Earn Digital Badges to Celebrate the Centennial of NASA's Langley Research Center

Posted on February 2, 2017 - 1:54 PM CST

Tags: After School | Informal | Middle School | SMD E/PO Community | Students | Course / Class | Earth Science | Planetary Science

NASA Langley's Science Eductaion Team collaborated with the Office of Education on their new Earth Digital Badge - exploring the role of cloud types in the Earth’s Energy Budget.  Through the online training, teachers and students become part of the GLOBE Program and make citizen science cloud observations.

NASA Langley's Office of Edcuation developed these badges to celebrate Langley's Centennial. Two other badges are also available: Journey to Mars how drag is used to land the Mars2020 Rover on Mars, and Aeronautics - the importance of composite materials for airplanes.

All three digital badges are now available for educators and students in grades 5-9. Educators may earn up to 15 hours of professional development. Student badges include up to six hours of content aligned to the educator badge.  For more information and to begin earning badges, visit After logging in to the site, click on the Explore icon and type "NASA Langley" in the search area to find and select the NASA Langley Centennial Mission.