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New Eclipse 2017 Fulldome Animations available

Posted on January 5, 2017 - 12:58 PM CST

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I am pleased to announce that Rice University, under partial NASA Heliophysics Education Consortium support, has commissioned Don Davis to create fulldome animations of the geometry of solar and lunar eclipses.   

Previews of these animations can be seen at:

To get on our email list for additional information and links to more eclipse tips and tricks, please sign up at

To get higher resolution, non-watermarked versions of these animations, please sign up for the list and then email me with the size you need for your theater.  I have 1K, 2K, and 4K versions available.  Frames available now in 4K and in other sizes by request.  Clips are free for use in your planetarium or school but with restrictions on further distribution. 
Be sure to use "eclipse" in the subject line when sending me requests.  

We will be creating more eclipse clips over the next few weeks, but we did want to get these out as soon as possible.

Best wishes and clear skies!!

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