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NGSS Tools and Resources for Three-Dimensional Teaching from the K12 Working Group

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Since the release of the Next Generation Science Standards in April 2013, many resources on understanding, interpreting, and getting familiar with them have been shared with the community. As more opportunities to learn how to utilize and implement these into your work come along, it might be supportive for you to be reminded of them, as well as see all of them in one place. Below are collated lists of books and discussions, webinars and Brown Bags, along with other resources that have been shared along the way for you to reference as needed to refresh or inform yourself about these dynamic new approaches to science education. The link to the previous workspace posts are below each entry. 

The entire Framework is attached to this post. Additionally, the actual Next Generation Science Standards, appendices, Common Core Standards connections, and Math connections can all be viewed, downloaded and printed here: 


  • The NSTA Reader's Guide to the Next Generation Science Standards by Harold Pratt (used in book discussions posted below)

  • Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction by Rodger Bybee (used in book discussions posted below): This includes work templates for assessing current educational resource products in how they meet the NGSS and where they need adapting.

  • Introducing Teachers and Administrators to the NGSS: A Professional Development Facilitators Guide from NSTA Press (review of book)

  • The NSTA Quick Reference Guide to the NGSS K-12 NSTA Press



  • Harold Pratt

Next Generation Science Standards second Zoom discussion facilitated by featured speaker Dr. Harold Pratt. Dr. Pratt discusses Cross Cutting Concepts with the NASA SMD E/PO community. The uncaptioned video archive may be viewed by clicking this link

Directions for obtaining a free copy of the first 20 pages of his book are attached to this post. 

  • Rodger Bybee

Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction - ​Questions from Rodger Bybee


  • Article on NGSS and informal science learning center Museums Step Up as Resource for New Science Standards

Supporting the Implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through Research: Introduction to NARST Position Papers


A series of brown bags were offered by the K12 Working group in November 2012. Information on these can be found here:


  • NGSS and NASA SMD E/PO: Discussion with Harold Pratt

Understanding the structure, conceptual changes, challenges and opportunities of the Next Generation Science Standards with your SMD E/PO work will be presented over the next few months with our featured speaker and facilitator Harold Pratt. Harold is a career science educator who was deeply involved in the development of NGSS, and author of "NSTA Readers' Guide to the Next Generation Science Standards." He was formerly a Senior Program Officer at the National Research Council where he helped to develop the National Science Education Standards. Harold is currently a science education consultant and serves as an advisor to NSTA on standards-related efforts. More information about Harold may be found here:

Video of January 15 session:

Guiding questions for the discussion:



  • LESSONS LEARNED - DEVELOPING THE ALIGNMENT BETWEEN THE NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS AND GLOBE: GLOBE webinars on NGSS and how they aligned their modules to NGSS. The first four introduces the NGSS itself in a clear concise way, as well as discusses the conceptual shifts the NGSS addresses from the K-12 Framework.

The whole series is here:

  • Webinar 1: "An Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards: Conceptual Shifts 1 & 2"
  • Webinar 3: "An Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards: Conceptual Shifts 3 & 7,"
  • Webinar 4: "NGSS Science and Engineering Alignment"
  • Webinar 5: "What is Alighnment and How Do You Do It?"

**This may be helpful in participating in the upcoming PD on the EQuIP Rubric

Video archive of this webinar found here










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