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Nuggets submitted by the NASA Science Activation community can be found here. Every week, SMD selects one nugget from the community to send to the White House. The most recent submission is posted below. Links to nuggets submitted over the past six months can be found in the first post in the feed below.

To submit a nugget:

1) Create your nugget using the template provided in the link below.

2) Use the following template for naming your file: DATE SUBMITTED_PI LAST NAME_SMD DIVISION (Astro, Earth, Helio, Planetary, or CrossDivision)

3) Email your completed nugget file and one high resolution image file used in the nugget to Maria Washington.

4) Post your nugget to the workspace (Create+ --> Nugget), making it public, and tagging your group, the SciAct Collective, and the Community Page.

Most Recent White House Submission

Click Here for the Current Nugget Template

Students and teachers have participated in Student Watershed Watch Program sponsored by Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG) for the past 27 years on the first Wednesday of October. GLOBE Mission EARTH at The University of Toledo incorporated GLOBE protocols in this Citizen Science Project. Toledo Public Schools teachers, Laura Schetter (teacher at the Natural Science Technology Center) and Melody Tsapranis (teacher at Navarre Elementary School)  attended  the GLOBE...