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Over 100 students presented their research at the GLOBE Midwest and Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Student Research Symposia this past weekend (May 19 & 20). Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Symposium led by John D. Moore was hosted at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center, Palmyra, New Jersey. Midwest Symposium led by Steven Smith was hosted by Purdue University, West Layette, IN.

Partners involved in these events were the following:

-GLOBE Mission EARTH - Kevin Czajkowski, The University of Toledo, John...


Wanted: Citizen Scientists to Help Fight Mosquito-borne Diseases!
Mosquito Habitat Mapper

Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 10 pm to 11 pm (ET)

Webinar Details:   link for webinar-

Ever wondered what you could do to help eliminate the danger of mosquito-borne diseases? Ready to learn more about the World’s Most Dangerous Animal, the pesky mosquito, and find out how you can assist your local community to become citizen scientists- armed with their...