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You are invited to join our next Mars MAVEN webinar, on November 30 (1pm HT, 3pm ADT, 4pm PDT, 5pm MDT, 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT):  The MAVEN Mission and Mars' Auroras.

The NASA Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission (MAVEN) has been studying Mars’ climate evolution since September 2014, particularly the loss of its atmosphere to space due to interactions with the sun and the solar wind.  Among its discoveries, MAVEN has observed auroras in unexpected locations in the Martian...

Members of the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) program collect a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite
from a glacial moraine at the base of Mt. Ward, Antarctica. Credits: Christine Floss

Three federal entities, including NASA, are reaffirming their commitment to search for Antarctic meteorites, to help learn more about the primitive building blocks of the solar system and answer questions about Earth’s neighbors like the moon and Mars.

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The 16th meeting of the Small Bodies Assessment Group will be help at the University of Arizona on January 11-13, 2017.  The 16th SBAG meeting is now available for sign up on the NASA Conference Tracking System for anyone who must request approval for attendance on that system.  It is NCTS # 27699-17. 

Early career travel support: We are planning to offer limited U.S. travel support for early career scientists to participate in the SBAG 16 meeting, to be held at the University of Arizona...

This award is established by the Planetary Science Institute in memory of Senior Scientist Betty Pierazzo to support and encourage graduate students to build international collaborations and relationships in planetary science. Two awards will be made each year, contingent upon there being meritorious applications. One will be awarded to a graduate student working on his or her Ph.D. at an institution within the U.S. This is to support travel to a planetary science related meeting...

AREN Presentation - NASA SMD STEM Science Activation Baseline Meeting -- November 15, 2016 -- Lansdowne Resort and Conference Center -- Leesburg, VA