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From: Dr. Ellen E. Lettvin  Email:
Robert Noyce Senior Fellow in Informal STEM Learning
US Department of Education/Office of Innovation and Improvement
400 Maryland Ave SW, Office 4W345
Washington, DC 20202
Office Phone: 202-260-0823

The U.S. Department of Education issued an updated Dear Colleague Letter on January 18, 2017 to states, school districts, schools and education partners on how to maximize federal funds to support and enhance innovative science,...

How does life respond to the dramatic event of a total solar eclipse?

There is some evidence that plant and animal life notice and react to the changes that occur during a total solar eclipse. Birds are reported to stop singing, spiders may tear down their webs, gray squirrels retreat to their dens, and more. Much of these reports are anecdotal or from captive animals.

The California Academy of Sciences has developed a citizen science app to document animal and plant behavior during...